Photoshoot Ad Campaign – Union Direct – GB Olympic Athletes

“I had a brief that required a variety of Team GB athletes to be shot together for an advertising campaign.

“I wanted a photographer that had experience shooting sports stars and I came across Vincent on the Association of Photographers website and his portfolio was very impressive.

“Working with Vincent from the initial contact to the campaign being signed off was an absolute joy.
“Vincent is very talented, has immaculate attention to detail and his expertise was evident throughout the shoot.

“Vincent has a fun laid back manner that makes everyone feel at ease and gives people the confidence to express themselves.

“I look forward to working with Vincent again in the future.”

Richard Marr – Senior Art Director

Photoshoot PR / Website – MyFitness Studio

“I worked with Vince on an extensive promotional shoot for MyFitness Studio.

“When looking to commission a photographer for the job we were taken with Vince’s versatility and the way he’s been able to capture a range of styles and looks across a variety of sport and fitness shoots.

“As a photographer / art director combination I felt we gelled very well and Vince was always open to my ideas and suggestions.

“He adhered to my directions and plans throughout the day and was always looking to go the extra mile to make sure the shot was just right.

“Vince tirelessly looked to get the shots that we had planned for while always being quick to think on his feet and suggest different ways of approaching something that perhaps wasn’t working as well as it could have.

“We were delighted with the final set of shots and a rewarding days work – I would have no hesitation working with Vince again in the future.”

Jimmy Tiley – Designer and Art Director.

Starr Studios – Jack Eames Photography

“When I first moved to London I came across Vince’s work on the Association of Photographers, and saw how he lit his subjects, and the feel he got was something I wanted be involved with too.

“Vince and I instantly got on, and he listened to the creative briefs I was working with, and we both felt the shoots would benefit hugely in terms of the technical and creative aspect with working together.

“Vince was the lighting technician on my UK beauty based shoots for a year, and from that we went to Germany together, and he produced, sorted the lighting and dealt with all the logistics for my shoots.

“His approach is solid, professional, warm and his charisma always helped maintain the high energy needed on my shoots.”

Jack Eames – Fashion and Beauty Photographer

Photoshoots – Image Source

“I’ve known Vince for a while now, we’ve worked on several projects and have more lined up on the shelf ready to go. That should say everything needed to know about his pro-activity.

“On set, Vince is very easy going and relaxed, which certainly helps when you put people in front of a lens. His easy going nature belies an obvious desire to make a shot work and ensure its the best it can be.

“I’ve always been very impressed with Vince’s lighting technique, its clearly been honed, as it’s easily set up despite moving from location to location. This is great as it means not waiting around for ages testing the light, Vince is completely on it.

“I enjoy working with Vince, it’s always fun, and I look forward to our future projects too.”

Lee Wheatley – Art Director & Head of Science

Photoshoot Staff Portraits – 72 yoga teachers

“I love working with Vince. He has a relaxed, calming attitude, which was definitely needed when we hired him to take photos of our large team of teachers at yogahaven.

“Many of the team were nervous ​about being photographed ​but he was able to capture images which looked natural and spontaneous.

“He is a wonderful, creative photographer and if you can get him for your ​shoot or ​event, you should not pass up the opportunity at all.”

Alli Hill – Owner and Founder of yogahaven

Photography One To One Training

“I can’t tell you how invaluable working and learning from Vince has been to my career, first as an assistant and now shooting as a freelance photographer. I still revisit notes I made during our one to ones, to study lighting techniques. Vince has an effortless control over his lights, which is envied by not only myself but other working professional photographers. During my first 2 sessions with Vince, I learnt more than my entire 1st year at Uni, doing a photography degree.

After working with Vince and gaining vast amounts of lighting and technical skills, using capture one and photoshop, I was able to confidently put myself forward to other photographers to work as a freelance assistant. Vince will give you the technical know-how and the studio etiquette to advance your career and gain a huge advantage in your ambition to be a pro-photographer.”

Kevin Baker
Photographer & Assistant

Photography Workshops

Flo Berry, Midlands – “Vince came to our University and helped out with our degree, so I knew that his course would be fun. We learnt quite a lot today, a lot of it I’ll have to go over it in my notes because it was lots of information and I would definitely come and do it again.”

Jackie McCullough, Brighton – “Vince is a great teacher, we got our hands on lots of equipment and lights, it was good and I would highly recommend it. I’ve done a degree in photography but a lot of what we’ve done wasn’t so hands on, so this has been a really good re-introduction to a lot of the techie stuff which we didn’t do so much of on the course.”

Sam Howard, London – “It liked that we got to use a lot of different equipment today. It was fun to try it all myself.”

Kate Brooks, West Midlands – “I attended the ‘Photographer’s Assistant Workshop’. From the start it was apparent that Vince was keen to involve everyone in attendance and tailored the workshop to meet the level and needs of those present. What a gem – someone practicing at a commercial level and happy to help those striving to get there or at least to get involved.”

Jackie McCullough
Socially Engaged Artist & Organisational Development Adviser

University Guest Lecture and Masterclass

“I came across Vince’s work researching top sports and advertising photographers at University. I approached him hoping for some answers about my dissertation research, which Vince was more than willing to give his experience and overviews to help and guide me to where I aspire to be.

This was followed up by a guest lecture and masterclass which was extremely informative and generous of time and patience. Fantastic photographer, and a fantastic person to know, I have a lot of time for him.”

Brydn Webb
Norwich University Graduate and Professional Photographer
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