Muay Thai Kick Boxing Long Exposure

This image has the Arri 1000w continuous tungsten light set up to create the motion effect.

Using a large black cloth to absorb the light together with black polyboards either side to do the same. Keeping it as dark as possible.

Lighting equipment: 1 x 1k Arri Tingsten / Redhead. 1 x 1200w Profoto Pro7b. Camera equipment: Canon 1ds mk3. 50mm lens. Exposure times: 1/15 – 1 second. f11. ISO 200.

Indoor Triathlon Training

Sports Nutritionist and triathlete Kieth Cormican popped over to Starr Studios to try out one of these long exposure bike riding shots I had been planning. The idea was to send the images off to Motorpoint Pro Cycling Team a s a shoot idea for their professional athletes. Retouch by Joey McCormick.

This image was created using a long exposure and adding camera shake which is the opposite of want you usually want on a photoshoot. The photostudio was darkened down with large, heavy, black drapes to soak up any ambient light. There were three continuous Arri Fresnel Tungsten lights set up facing the athlete with red, green tough spun over the front of them.

Keith was on his triathlon road bike (see the difference between road and triathlon bikes here) on a roller. See a beginners guide to riding rollers here as it’s quite tricky.

Lighting equipment: 3 x 1000w Arri Fresnels. 1 red and 1 green gel.1 piece Rosco Cinegel Tough Spun diffuser. Camera equipment: Canon 1ds mk3. 85mm lens. Exposure times: 1/125 – 1/2 second.

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