Film Studio Istanbul

Here’s a look at the kit and set-up involved in an advertising photoshoot. This was for Nike of Dutch professional football player Wesley Sneijder.

As you can see we have two set-ups; one for stills and one for video.

The photography stills set up has two main or front lights (my silver dappled umbrella and a Broncolor Para 133, both without diffusers.

There is also an above flash light on a Manfrotto D600 mini or junior boom which has a Profoto 120 x 90 cm softbox on it. This is to light the floor behind the athlete and also clip the back of his head. Not get his nose. There is a small black cloth trim around the soft box to make sure the light doesn’t spill too much.

It’s an arctic white 2.75m wide backdrop, so a light set and just a couple of polyboards each side. Showing black and white on the inside, Black alongside the player to create contrast, white to bounce back to the backdrop.

Then for the video we had 4 x 1.8k Arri Fresnels to create a well-lit head or mid shot lighting for the video.

Below the time-lapse video you can see video footage and how it turned out.

Lighting Equipment

4 x 1000w Arri Fresnels. 4 x Profoto 2400w with Pro8a packs.

Camera Equipment

Canon 6d mk2 with prime lenses 50mm and 85mm.

Exposure Times

1/125, F8, 100 ISO stills. 1/60, F4, 320 ISO.

The Worx Studio London

We photographed two players at The Worx studios in London and the third in a studio in Thessalonika, Greece. The lighting had to be consistent as the players comped together by the back in London at Paperhat FTP.

The main light is the  Broncolor Para 222  and the side lights are 2 x 2400w flash heads on each side. The side lights are shooting back into a V shape of polyboards to bounce that light back on to the white backdrop. You can see this from the lighting plan.

You need two lights on each side to get a lot of light flooding onto the bacldrop top to bottom – especially for full length player shots. You don’t want the light to be inconsistent from top to bottom.

A good sized studio, that fills up fast with a set-up like this. See below for the list of kit we used.

You can see more of the finished shots on this portfolio page.

Rugby Changing Room Studio

My trusted travelling stuio set-up in the Leicester Tigers’ training ground changing room. The white wall acting as a good backdrop. Shirts hanging and ready for Geoff Parling the rugby union player to finish his interview and come in for a few shots.

The simple (famous?) silver dappled effect umbrella (see youtube channel), with some rosco cinegel tough spun on the inside. Connected to the Pro7b 1200w battery pack.

Lighting Euipment: 1 x 2400w Flash Head. 1 x 1200w Pro7b Battery Pack.
Camera Equipment: Canon 1ds mk3. Canon 85mm f1.2 lens.
Exposure Times: 1/125.

Studio Production

Below is a wide angle shot of an action photoshoot for personal trainer and coach Laurence Oboh. This was taken in a warehouse studio in Fulham, London. On the image you can see the equipment used, reasons for use and the settings.

Here’s a list of the best photography companies I’ve worked with and services I’ve offered on photoshoots.
Studio lighting brands: (Briese, Profoto, Broncolour).
Camera kit (Phase One, Canon Hasselblad).
Equipment rental companies (Haedler & Haedler, PKE Lighting, Pro Centre).
Photography / film studios including Snap Studios (now JJ Media), Plough Studios, Big Sky and The Worx.
Production: Equipment & Studio Hire, Retouch, Hair & Make Up Artists, Model & Athlete Agencies.
Studio Equipment: Perspex, Coloramas, Rubber Matting, Scrim Frames, Super Booms, C-stands, Flags, Polys.
Lighting Equipment: Softboxes, Proglobes, Paras, Pro-bigs, Reflectors, Tungsten, HMI, Radio Slaves, Colour Temp.
Digital Equipment: Tethered Workflow, Mac Book Pro, Capture One Pro, File Transfer, Client Galleries.


Festival Studio

The small travelling studio lighting set-up over in South Wales at a festival. Taking portraits of various festival goers.

An above light to light the old white canvas. A black flag to one side to soack up the light. The main light to the left with the silver dappled effect umbrella. Perfect.

Lighting Equipment

2 x 2400w Flash Head. 1 x Profoto Pro7b Battery Pack 1200w. Ambient Light.

Camera Equipment

Canon 1ds mk3. Canon 50mm lens.

Exposure Times

1/125 – 1/60 second.

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