Greece National Team Kit Launch

For this Nike kit launch photoshoot we worked with Premier League, Scottish Premier League and Greek Super League football players George Karagounis, George Samaras and Konstantinos “Kostas” Katsouranis.

On June 7th the the Greek National football team played in their first ever Nike kit in their first game of the tournament which was against Lithuania. The kit paid homage to the country’s national heritage and features classic football uniform design. Read more:

We photographed two players at The Worx studios in London and the third in a studio in Thessalonika, Greece. The lighting had to be consistent as the players comped together by the back in London at Paperhat FTP.

Using the amazing Broncolor Para 222 as a a main light. You can see the set-up here in the creative portfolio link.

Wesley Sneijder – Hypervenom 2

This was the production (with Dinamo) and photoshoot of Nike’s Hypervenom 2 – Deceptive by Nature campaign with other football players being photographed at the same time in other cities in time for the launch. We photographed Dutch professional football player Wesley Sneijder at the Istanbul Film Studios in Turkey.

The photoshoot took place in a large film studio so we had a good amount of space for our lighting set-ups. You can see the studio set-up of Arri Fresnel tungsten lamps, polyboards, backdrops, the Profoto Pro-10’s and Profoto softboxes and umbrellas etc. in this creative portfolio link – Film Studio Set-Up, Istanbul.

There is a GoPro time-lapse video where you can see our team of lighting technicians, digi ops, art directors and film crews running around.

The lighting on this shoot is very similar to the Nike Greece kit launch photoshoot and the Michael Essien Boom shoot filmed near the Chelsea training centre in Cobham.

Christian Eriksen – Majista

Danish professional footballer Christian Eriksen photoshoot for Nike in new Nike Majista Obra 1 boots. Eriksen is an attacking midfielder for Spurs in the Premier League and also for the Danish national team. He was the youngest player of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

This was a great photoshoot in Tottenham, at Studio 28 in North London in a New York style portrait studio using a big Broncolor Para 222 instead of the usual Profoto Giant Reflectors. That’s nearly a thousand pounds (hired from ThreeFourSnap) of pure heaven in an “extremely complex and convertible light system”. Wedged over to one side (left) to give a good contrast look. Similar to the Greece Nike National Football Kit and Michael Essien Boom Nike shoots.

Michael Essien – Boom

This photoshoot was of Ghanaian professional football player Michael Essien as part of the Nike Boom Campaign. Wearing T90 Strike boots with the Taser ball. Check out Hypebeast’s run down of the campaign.

See Essien at his glorious best in the Unforgettable 30 Goals In Football History.

We hung these huge heavy black drapes around the hotel conference room just off from Chelsea’s training centre to darken it down, as well as using polyboards and flags to control the studio flash lighting. I used 4 x 2400w Profoto generators and 8 x  profoto flash heads with different light shapers (pro big, strip lights) to give us this bold, contrasty lighting.

Check out the interview with me called Lighting Secrets Exposed about the lighting set-up in Professional Photo Magazine.


Four Four Two Magazine

Double front cover photoshoot of Spanish football striker Fernando Torres (Athletico MadridLiverpool FC, Chelsea, AC Milan) and English football striker Wayne Rooney (EvertonManchester United FC, D.C. United) for monthly football magazine FourFourTwo. Published by Future.

The Fernando Torres photoshoot took place in a hotel room in Manchester, close to a TV ad they were filiming. So there wasn’t much height for jumping around. Fernando nailed this pose in the first shot by the way.

The Wayne Rooney shoot took place a week or two later in The Pie Factory film studio, so we had loads of space for that one. Amazing, amazing players and both front covers were released for the same month. Boom.

All lighting and equipment for both shoots we hired from PKE Lighting. They have, everything and deliver everywhere.

See the Rugby World front cover photoshoots as well. Similarly shot in small spaces.

Client: Nike / 442 (Haymarket Media Group).

Lewis Moody – Rugby World

Editorial photoshoots and front covers for Rugby World magazine of world cup winning English rugby player Lewis Moody. During a full on press day for all the players we had a studio set-up was in small conference room next to the Leicester Tigers training ground.

We had a small lighting set-up as space was limited and I worked formed a team with Claire Parnell of Nike to produce the clean, sharp lighting we had worked on before on previous premier league football player shoots with Theo Walcott and Michael Essien advertising shoots.

Using two portable Profoto flash lights on the backdrop and one main light gave a great editorial look and feel. Similar to a two light set-up for the rugby union player Geoff Parling shoot which you can see more of in the creative portfolio.

Location and client: Oval Park Training Ground, Oadby. Freuds / Rugby World.

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