Dust Explosion

I used my portable profoto flash lighting kit and created an outside studio space surrounded by trees in Camden and invited models (W Model Management) and (Fab New Faces) athletes to turn up for a few shots. The shots below are of performance tennis coach Anna Britton.

As much as I can I always try and get lighting and effects to happen in front of the camera manually. When that doesn’t work it’s time to work with the CGI and retouch team.

At first we started with tights filled with flour hanging from a boom and then football kicking or tennis hitting the end to make it explode. This was an absolute nightmare. Everything got completely covered in flour and the shots were hard to make out. The solution was coating the ball in dust, hanging it from fishing line and hitting that.

Lighting Equipment

2 x 2400w Flash Head. 1 x Profoto Pro7b Battery Pack 1200w. Ambient Light.

Camera Equipment

Canon 1ds mk3. Canon 50mm lens.

Exposure Times

1/125 – 1/2 second.

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