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Enjoy Your Space Street Shoot – Newsletter

Enjoy your space!

Spread your arms, take a big breath and go for everything that makes you happy.

Beautiful reflected light from an office window shining down on this big green industrial warehouse door attracted us to this backdrop. It wasn’t on the recce list but we just followed the light as it bounced around the streets.

Staying outside for as long as we could whilst the weather held. We got some great shots for Calen’s modelling agency, personal trainer and acting portfolio.

Nice desat lut grading to finish too.

Thanks for a great shoot Calen,

BMA Models Lifestyle Street Shoot – Newsletter

Hope you’re well.

I shoot a fair bit of lifestyle and sports photography and video for BMA Models and wanted to share some shots from a recent street shoot with Grace. I love urban settings and sometimes getting in strong graphics and lines into the background. Then adding studio lighting to give the images that ad campaign pop and still having a natural feel.

BMA also ran some social media and marketing off the back of the images.

Also there’s definitely no need to take things seriously! Having fun is the best way to work. You get the best results too.

Thanks BMA for being great to work with!



Amsterdam, Modern Art, Online Courses – Newsletter

Hi there,

Hope you’ve enjoyed a productive yet cloudy and windy week.

I just got back  from a 10 day trip in Amsterdam and I (still) love the place. Me and a couple of friends went out for the Awakenings Festival and then hung around to check out the city and ride around absolutely everywhere on our bikes.

We stayed in a campsite in Amsterdamse Bos so we had an entire forest to ride through everyday. Really would love to live there sometime. Another highlight was going to the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art, next to the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh museum. Totally blew me away! I was in there for about 8 hours. Especially Rineke Dijkstra’s photographic and video work, the young German artist Jana Euler and 100 years of De Stijl. Wow!

Also finalising the edit of this short online photography course I’ve produced (below) – How to take Better Pictures with your Smartphone. See the youtube intro link or click the picture. I’ve taught two day lectures at Norwich University of the Arts, Northbrook College Sussex as well as various London Photography Lighting workshops and I’ve been teaching yoga for two and a half years. So these courses are going to be loads of fun. They will go up on the Udemy online courses website. Time-lapse, motion blur, action photography courses to follow.

Thanks and hope to see you or work with you again soon,




Portrait Studio – Newsletter

Hi there,

   Hope you’re having a good summer.

It’s been 7 years since I had my own studio shoot space. That was over in Hackney. It’s back! Shooting loads of athletes, models and personal trainers for their businesses as well as editorials and advertising for brands when we need a quick indoor shoot space. I’m loving it. Creating beautifully lit images for clients, whatever their needs and with quick turnaround times.

This shot is from last Saturday night’s beer and video shoot with a couple of DJ friends. Having the lights set up for video gives loads of freedom to move around the set trying different angles and gives the person in the shot more freedom to do whatever they like too. This shot is straight from the RAW file, so no retouch. Nailing it in camera, giving more room for fine tuning later on. Loads of space for copy or easy crop for vertical front cover shot if needed.


Also I’ve been quoting for and filming more video content for clients this year. So when the weather and tides were perfect I decided to turn the cameras on myself to film my own beach yoga video. I’m quite interested in finding a balance between the pressures of working in the media world and moving our bodies around and re-connecting to the planet we live on. So this was nice to combine everything together.

Thanks and hope to see you or work with you again soon,


Warrior Photoshoot – Newsletter

Hi there,

   Hope you’ve got tonnes of creative things going on

Here’s the lead image from the recent warrior photoshoot we shot at the state-of-the-art training facilities BXR London. Amazing location, and stunning Olympian Jenny Pacey who is an amazonian warrior in this summer’s hottest blockbuster Wonder Woman.

It was great mixing studio flash lighting with the moody (touch-control) ambient LED lighting of the venue. Also here’s a short video teaser.

Big thanks to the amazing make-up artist Rachel Rigg, the Lucas Hugh, Asics and lululemon styling and all of the creative team involved in making the shoot happen.



Professional Photo Magazine – Newsletter

Hi there,

   Here’s the Lighting Secrets “Exposed” feature out now in Professional Photo Magazine. Massive thanks to associate director Paul Smith (Freuds), communications director Claire Parnell (Nike), assistant Tom Donald, actress Helen Russell-Clarke, assistant Anastasia Pushkareva, Gareth and the team (W Model Management), Camilla Rodriguez (BMA models) and Tim at Plough Studios.

   “Sometimes an image needs an extra something and often this is the case when it comes big advertising campaigns…”

   As always, for any help with any photography lighting techniques or ideas please get in touch and don’t forget to check out the youtube channel and instagram feed for more tutorials and technical info.




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