I have worked with many world class photographers such as Annie Leibowitz, Nadav Kandar, Craig McDean, Alexei Hay and commercial directors John Mathieson, Johannes Roberts, Leon Chambers as part of their creative teams to deliver successful advertising campaigns and commercial films.

This experience helped me to become a creative, innovative and inspiring photographer and grow my own team in London. Working together to gain a clear understanding and importance of our roles in the photographic and film industry as a team.

We maintain close relationships with clients through face to face meetings, availability on phone, emails and video calls. When needed we pitch, present and produce proposals to further enable the creation of world class imagery for new projects, clients and brands.

Handling budgets, usage fees and image rights etc. Managing campaign costs and effortlessly dealing with un-forseen circumstances usually covered in contingency plans.

With over 20 years experience managing various client’s accounts, with evolving briefs and shoot deadlines.

We have excellent communication, team building and interpersonal skills with a proactive attitude. Always using our initiative. We are energetic and enthusiastic whether we are in the office or studio or at the airport or client meeting.

We are always happy working in creative teams from different cities.

We have exceptional organisational skills together, enjoy working under pressure and managing multiple deadlines. We are used to working in demanding environment and assimilating large quantities of information quickly into our workflow, whilst maintaining attention to detail.

We have a passion for anything related to lighting and what makes a campaign stand out. For any campaign; advertising, PR, print, TV commercials, POS, editorial, digital media, social media and marketing.


We create powerful, beautifully-lit images for big brands and small businesses. Working closely with creative teams in cities all over Europe, Africa and Asia.

We use the strongest style of visual communication in our shoots that has grown with the high demands of working with the biggest and most dedicated creative teams in London and Europe.

This is also helped by the network of skilled design teams and retouchers we work with in London providing a final treatment that is stunning.

We naturally and easily form teams with the best production companies, photo studios and marketing and PR companies when working on these global campaigns.

Video below of us on-set working for Nike in Istanbul, Turkey.


Duracell, RBS, Cadbury, Nike, Red Bull, GQ, Nickelodeon, L’Oreal, Mars, Adidas, Honda, Sky Sports, Gatorade, Dr Martens, Comic Relief, Sightsavers, Gyro, ThomsonReuters, Observer Sports Monthly, Pretty Green, IMG, Engine Group (Synergy), Brooklyn Bothers, York Fitness, Britain’s Next Top Model, 180 Amsterdam, Toscana, Formidable, Candela. Mixmag, Elle, Men’s Health, Bauer Media (Empire, FHM), 24 Productions, Running Fitness, TI Media (Rugby World), Haymarket Media Group (FourFourTwo), Sport, Golf Punk, The Sun, Aspire Marketing, Archant Life, Bright Publishing, Immediate Media Co.

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